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The rules and procedures embodied in this document are being implemented to regulate sales and marketing operations as well as prevent improper, illegal or abusive acts within the company. These policies shall govern the relationship between the Distributor and ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. and such other matters related to these policies. Every Distributor is expected to be knowledgeable of the following rules and abide by the same to ensure his or her success as well as that of the company.

Definition of Terms

In all contractual agreements you sign with ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. and ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. published literature, unless the context otherwise requires, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:

"Applicant" - A person who is interested to become an ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. Distributor.

"Alliance Success Achievement Program (ASAP)" - This is an advance training on the importance of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) in relation to the business of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. and basic skills in doing the business.

"Business Center" - The venue where the Business Center Office conducts seminars, trainings and direct selling of products in a specific area.

"Business Center Office (BCO)" - The only official and authorized Distributor who can operate a Business Center outside of the Head Office of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. No two BCOs are allowed to operate in the same area.

"Commercial Website" - www.allianceinmotion.com is the official website of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC.

"Commission Points" - Points used in computing Uni-level and Stair Step commission.

"Cross-lining" - This is the Distributors' act of transferring from one Distributors' organization to another. This is strictly prohibited. "Downline" - He/She is the sponsored distributor who eventually formed part of the network of the sponsor or upline, either directly sponsored by the latter or not.

"Direct Down line" - He/She is the one directly invited by a sponsor to avail of the Global Package and become an independent distributor.

"Distributorship" - The authorization by ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. to become a distributor.

"Distributor Application Form (DAF)" - When a person desires to become a distributor of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. he/she must sign the Distributor Application Form, which contains the terms and conditions of the company. If a person registers as a distributor online or via the company website, an applicant is considered to have read, understood and agreed to the policies of the company.

"Distributors Price (DP)" - The price of products set for registered distributors of Alliance in Motion Inc.

"Distributors Tracking Center (DTC)" - This is commonly known as the "Distributors' Website". This is where a distributor can view and manage his / her account reflecting the personal information, genealogy, income and encashment. The DTC is accessed by clicking on the "Member's Login" link in the commercial website of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC.

"Executive Distributor" - Any distributor who has qualified as such according to the marketing plan of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. It includes Silver Executive (SE), Gold Executive (GE) and Global Ambassador (GA).

"Flush Out" - The safety measure in the Matched Sales/Binary System, wherein a distributor/sponsor will only be paid for a maximum of sixteen (16) pairs/matched sales per day or eight (8) pairs per cycle. This mechanism is followed to balance the methods of earning through recruiting new distributors and direct sales of products. See Marketing Plan for more details.

"Global Package (GP)" - Commonly known also as the BUSINESS KIT for a New Distributor, contains various products, folder presentation kit, scholarship discount certificate, insurance certificate, distributor application form (DAF), ATM and I.D. application forms, product brochures and a DVD of the product and marketing plan presentation.

"Group" - A Distributor may have two (2) groups when he starts his network under one account; the Left Group and the Right Group. For each group, the Distributor may have as many down lines as he or she can manage.

"Live streaming" - The Opportunity Plan Presentation (OPP) may be viewed via live streaming on this website: www.justin.tv/allianceinmotionglobal. Permission for access must be obtained from management.

"Network" - This consists of the Distributors' organization/s or groups, which include the entirety of the Distributors' down lines. "New Distributor Orientation (NDO)" - This is a seminar on how and why to do the business.

"Opportunity Plan Presentation (OPP)" - This is the marketing plan presentation discussing the Global Package, benefits, products and compensation plan.

"Position Points" - Points used in computing current position as Silver Executive (SE), Gold Executive (GE) or Global Ambassador (GA).

"Sponsor" - A distributor who introduces and registers a person to ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC., who eventually becomes a distributor by virtue of the company's acceptance of the Distributor Application. Sponsors are commonly known as "Direct Uplines". A sponsor is responsible for training and supporting his down lines in the conduct of business.

"Suggested Retail Price (SRP)" - The selling price set for consumers.

"Technical Training" - Training on the terms & conditions and code of conduct of the company, how to manage the distributors tracking center (DTC), how to encode recruits' information and how to manage flush out.

"Transferable Scholarship Certificate" - Certificate of Discount on tuition fees for each school affiliated to ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. (see website for list of affiliated schools). The discount may vary depending on each Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). School discount certificates must have the dry seal of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, INC. duly signed by an authorized officer and in good condition to be considered valid. This is transferable and may thus be given to anyone you know.

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